Transcript of Torkelson Radio Ads

Ads recorded in September of 2018

Jobs/ Businesses/Infrastructure
This is Representative Paul Torkelson. Jobs grow when business grow. The success of our local employers depends on the roads and bridges that move their products and the people that produce them. My work in the Legislature has resulted in major investments in Minnesota’s transportation system. I believe in a common-sense, pro-growth approach that supports workers and the businesses that hire them. Vote for Growth! Vote for Paul Torkelson in the 2018 General Election.
Maintaining a strong Ag economy is critical for our state’s future. This is Representative Paul Torkelson. As an active farmer I understand the business of farming and the challenges farmers facing today. I have championed legislation that reforms the regulations that could threaten our way of life, and I support reducing property tax burdens. Farming is our future. I ask you to vote for Paul Torkelson on November 6th.
Health Care
Hi this is Representative Paul Torkelson. I have heard your concerns regarding the high cost of Health Care and skyrocketing insurance premiums. Our work at the legislature has reduced double digit premium increases, put a stop to surprise billing and made it possible for co-ops to offer coverage. I am committed to continuing my work on these important issues. On Tuesday Nov. 6th I would be honored to earn your support.
This is Representative Paul Torkelson, representing House District 16B. I’m asking for your vote in the 2018 General Election. My experience in the Minnesota House shows leadership. My accomplishments demonstrate that I back common-sense ideas based on Minnesota values. I will continue to work with both sides of the aisle for the best interest of Minnesotans. I ask for your vote by November 6th.
This is 16B State Representative Paul Torkelson asking for your vote in the 2018 General Election. I am a proven leader with a common sense approach based on greater Minnesota values.