The Economy - Jobs in the private sector are the backbone of our economy.  Our government must maintain an economic and regulatory climate where businesses large and small are allowed to thrive.  Unchecked growth of government and government spending is ultimately unsustainable.  The state's role in regulation should focus on helping our job-providers thrive while operating within environmental and economic regulations.

Education - As a former teacher and husband of a retired teacher Paul has a solid background regarding  education issues.  Paul firmly believes that what is best for the students should be our first priority and that local control is an important ingredient for success.  Overloading our schools with excessive mandates takes resources away from students.

Agriculture - Paul is one of a handful of active farmers serving in the Minnesota Legislature.  He understands that the strong ag economy was critical in supporting our state's economy in the economic downturn.  Agriculture is especially important to rural Minnesota and Paul is actively engaged in a variety of issues and doing his best to support producers large and small.

Life Issues - Paul has consistently supported the pro-life agenda by cosponsoring and voting for legislation that would strengthen protection of the unborn.  Sadly, these efforts have been thwarted by the Governor who has consistently vetoed pro-life bills.

Transportation - Transportation funding for Greater Minnesota roads and bridges will be one of the challenges facing the next legislature.  Prioritizing resources for projects like the continued upgrading of State Highway 14 will be high on Paul's agenda.


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